1/27/2015 East Kingdom Event Calendar Approval Process Change

  OFFICER Notification
EK_Thumbtack_note_Important From: The Webministry


Unto the Populace of the East Kingdom, Greetings.
This notification is being published to document the situation below.
Tool/Service:  East Kingdom Event Calendar
 New Event Approval Process
Description: All Seneschals and Event Stewards will need to be aware of this process change for the Event Calendar.
Severity: Low
 1/27/15 – On Going

Greetings All East Kingdom Seneschals and Event Stewards

Policy & Procedure Change

East Kingdom Event Calendar Approval

Effective Immediately

All new East Kingdom Calendar submissions will be reviewed and approved by the Local branch Seneschal when submitted to the EastKingdom Calendar through the New Event form on the East Kingdom Website.

Thanks to the efforts of the Calendar Deputy, the system has been updated to allow the creation of an Approval form in which the followingprocess will be active for the Kingdom.

1) http://eastkingdom.org/NewEvent.php remains the same, and anyone can submit an Event to the system for any group.

2a) The update email will be generated and sent to the submitting member through the listed email address *** AS LONG AS IT IS A VALID EMAIL ***. (Please stress to all Seneschals and Event Stewards that this entry must be valid. Using bubba AT mymail DOT com will not send the email. It must be bubba@mymail.com to work.)

2b) NEW: An Approval Email will be generated and sent to the Seneschal of the Local branch that the event has been submitted for. For Incipient branches, Out Of Kingdom Event submissions and groups that for some reason do not have seneschal@group.eastkingdom.orgactive (which is a Seneschallate Policy), they will default to the East Kingdom Webminister for review. They will **NOT** be lost.

3) The Seneschal will review the submission for the elements required by the Kingdom Office of the Chronicler for inclusion in the KingdomNewsletter (“Pikestaff”) found here: http://chronicler.eastkingdom.org/pikestaffpolicies/index.htm under C. Regular Content, 1. EventAnnouncements.

4a) Once verified that the submission is valid (Incomplete entries can still be valid), the Seneschal will click on the ‘Approve’ button and theEvent will be able to be seen on the Calendar.

4b) If for any reason the Seneschal feels that it is incomplete, they will reach out to the submitter and request updates. Once those are complete, the Seneschal will click on the Approve button.

Instead of the normal 7 to 10 Day wait for the Event to show on the East Kingdom Calendar, this new system should reduce the wait time to a day or two, or even less.

There will be additional expansion to the East Kingdom Calendar that will build off of this change and allow additional versatility to the use of the Calendar system.

Please feel free to disseminate this information to your Local branches and spread the word. 

In Service to the Kingdom,

The Webministry