3/15/2016 – Planned Maintenance

East Kingdom Informational Notification

The East Kingdom Server will undergo a planned upgrade in the early morning of 3/21/2016.

This is the first in a series of planned updates this year.

We will be migrating from Xen to KVM, which will appear to be seamless to the End User, but has the ability to use our resources in a more streamlined manner and offer a better user experience.

Time Frame 1am-2:30am Eastern Time

This is expected to run for 49 minutes. (I am giving it extra time in case anything happens and a recover is required.)

During this time frame all East Kingdom services will be unavailable to the populace.

Tools that backbone or pull from the server will also be affected (IE: Email, Help Desk, List Server, etc).

Notes from our host about this update:

is this?

KVM is a virtualization technology that is an alternative to Xen. Its benefits include much greater performance (less overhead).

much faster?
  • 300% improvement in UnixBench score, with a KVM
    Linode vs a Xen Linode
  • 28% faster at compiling a Linux kernel with a KVM
    Linode vs a Xen Linode
  • Boot and shutdown times are greatly improved
this break stuff?

Probably not. Upgrading an existing deployment to KVM requires that the “Distro Helper” is enabled in your configuration profile. This will happen automatically.

Thanks & Have a nice day!

Signore Lorenz Greylever

East Kingdom Webministery