4/20/15 Maintenance Outage

EAST KINGDOM   Populace Alert
Alert! From: The Webministry


Unto the Populace of the East Kingdom, Greetings.
This is being sent to notify you of the (HIGH) Severity event(s) below. Because of the possible large impact of such events, this is being documented to avoid an increase in contact volume.
Tool/Service: Websites Affected: All 
Impacted Areas: eastkingdom.org
Description: We are planning to update the East Kingdom server to better serve the populace at large and increase the capabilities of our offered services.The outage time frame is planned for 4/20/2015 from approximately 1am to 7am.A six-hour window is allocated, however the actual downtime can be much less.

All websites and services will be down during this period of updates.

There is no expected fallout for individual groups or websites.

Ticket Number: None.
Severity: HIGH
Event Start/Finish: 4-20-15 1am  / 3-20-15 7am (approximate)
Please Do Not Open Service Tickets For This Issue


This update will expand the capabilities of the server beyond its current configuration and bring us in line with our host’s current package offerings without any increase in our current payment schedule.

Please spread the word that all services will not be accessible for the duration of this planned maintenance.

As always, if you have any additional questions; concerns or information regarding the above, or any current events or outages, please do not hesitate to contact the Webministry.

In Service to the Kingdom,

The Webministry