7/30/2014 Email Lists

Regarding Local Groups and Offices Email Lists

Did you know that the East Kingdom offers an email list service? Well, yes it does!

With the migration to the new East Kingdom Server, each and every local group and Office can have their own email list service for Officers and members alike.

Please contact your local Webminister to get your own list set up.

The Webminister will be the Administrator for your lists, and multiple Moderators may be added as locally required/requested.

Regarding Polling Orders and their Email Lists

It has come to light that there is some confusion of the process of how to join the Email Lists, what each of them are for, and which person has control of what for verification purposes.

The following is the current process and policy for these special Lists. This may be different from how it used to work on the old East Kingdom Web Server.

There are several Orders in the East Kingdom/Society that require a Polling of current Companions to be able to induct new members to them.

To access the Email Lists, we have a page set up to show them all: http://lists.eastkingdom.org/EmailLists.html

To subscribe to the List, click on the appropriate link for either the Polling List (just the Order name) or the Discussion List (discuss-Order Name).

You will need to enter the following on the page, about half-way down the page:

Your email address:
Your name (optional):


You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you. Once confirmation is received, your request will be held for approval by the list moderator. You will be notified of the moderator’s decision by email.

Once a member of the List, you can visit the same website and login through the form at the bottom of the page:

Enter your address and password to visit the subscribers list:

Address: Password:   
This will allow you to see the members of the List, and if you click on your own email, it will take you to your configuration page.
Discussion Lists

For the Discussion Lists, the East Kingdom Webminister is the Administrator for them, and there are different Moderators for each Order.

The Moderator of the List will Approve or Deny requests to Join the List.

Polling Lists

For the Polling Lists, the Polling Clerk is the Administrator and there are no Moderators as these Lists are Read-Only except for the Polling Clerk who posts the Announcements of a Polling.

The Polling Clerk will Approve or Deny requests to Join the List.

The Online Polling Admin is the one who creates the Polling as requested by the Crown for each Order, and compiles the submissions for review by the current Companions, as well as organizes the responses to be submitted to the Crown for review.

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