9/30/14 EK Calendar Update

Populace Notification
EK_Thumbtack_note_Important From: The Webministry



Unto the Populace of the East Kingdom, Greetings.
This notification is being published to document the situation below.
Tool/Service:  East Kingdom Calendar
Description: There has been some confusion about the East Kingdom Calendar the past few days. Please allow me a moment of your time to clear the waters regarding a critical component that we all rely on.

1. Was the EK Calendar affected by the rolling outages being experienced recently? Yes, it was and continues to be impacted.

2. Was my submission for my group’s event lost due to data corruption? Yes, initially. But let me explain. There was an unexplained roll back performed on the sever that was not announced to us, done by the Host provider. We still do not have resolution on that incident. Luckily, I was performing updates on the DB itself for the calendar when that happened and had for the most part, the missing events that I was able to re-add to the system. Then the continuing rolling outages started, and the stability degraded further.

In combating the server malfunction and delving into trying to recover what we could, the Calendar was successfully moved over to the new server. The DB is stable and functioning there. You can view the already setup events without issue at http://east-kingdom.org/EventListing.html (the backup address to the new server). However the page to submit new events is not working.

I was able to recover the flat file submissions through email copies that I was able to save from the server. Please see the listing below for the events that we will be manually adding to the new Event Calendar within the week.

3. How do I submit my event to the calendar? At this time, since the Add New function is not working, I would ask that you add the request to the Support Center as a ticket through http://helpdesk.eastkingdom.org/ and we will add it in manually.

4. How do I update my Event since the link doesn’t work? Please use the ticket number below and your email for your event to reference and update it.

5. When will I see my event on the Calendar? We are working our way through these Critical Tickets as quickly as possible while balancing our own modern lives and jobs. We hope to have them up by the end of the week. The tickets will be worked with the deadlines of the events in mind, those in October being added first.

We thank you for your understanding through this difficult transition, and the assistance you have given by putting the information out in other formats during this brief interim.

712331 at the sign of the Dancing Fox … Alayne Alexandra
623019 Quintavia Hafla – 03/07/2015 … Teresa Giani
322251 Baronial Marshal Champions Day … Kathryn Ramsey
844633 Northern Region Rapier Academy … Beatrice Buontalenti
919778 Bergental/BBM Yule – … Anarra Karlsdottir
546556 Black Rose Ball XXXVI – … Lady Æsa
707318 Winter Nights – Baronial … Lord Rhys Aiden
370491 Tir Mara A&S and Rattan … Katherine Murray
745646 The Feast of Saint Sylvester – … Thomas de Marr’
964206 Bjorn’s Ceilidh and … Penny Supina
621044 St. Eligius A&S Faire and … Rhode Kephalaina
948828 Annual Brewing Festival of … Lord Matheus Carnifex
816709 A&S East Kingdom Championship … Boiarynia Ekaterina
857615 Owlsherst Country 12th Night – … Lady Thorfinna of
283157 Lions in Winter – 02/21/2015 … Duggmore Dougles
501392 K&Q Rapier Champions – … Rowen Cloteworthy
605388 La Feste des Glaces – … Alexandre Bujold
617781 East Kingdom 12th Night / … Tysha z Kieva
684347 Crown Tourney – 11/01/2014 … Lady Tessa Martini
177070 Feste des Bois – 10/18/2014 … Marguerite de Gui
430659 Yule Revel in Medieval Germany … Philadelphia Brown
189070 Ghost, Ghouls & Goblins – … Mithgiladan the
118484 Dragonship Haven Baronial … Rhode Kephalaina
564509 Winter’s Night Masquerade – … Tomas O Connour
543513 A Market Day at Birka – … William RavenHair
737422 A&E (Aethelmearc/East) War – … Tanaka Raiko
391806 Season’s Beatings 4-Back for … Lady Sofya
470614 Twelfth Night in the Land of … Isolda Fairamay
Severity:  Critical
 9/16/14 – Ongoing
As always, if you have any additional questions; concerns or information regarding the above, or any current events or outages, please do not hesitate to contact the Webministry.

In Service to the Kingdom,

The Webministry

East Kingdom