9/3/14 Partial Website Outage


Populace Alert
Alert! From: The Webministry


Unto the Populace of the East Kingdom, Greetings.
This is being sent to notify you of the (Critical) Severity event(s) below. Because of the possible large impact of such events, this is being documented to avoid an increase contact volume.
Tool/Service: MySQL
Impacted Areas: All DB Driven Websites
Description: The MySQL service on the server stopped for an unknown reason, making multiple websites unavailable to the populace.

The server was successfully restarted this morning. The Minister of Æther (System Admin) is researching as to the cause of this and will determine preventative measures for the future.

Ticket Number: None.
Severity: Critical
Event Start/Finish: 9-2-14 11:30pm / 9-3-14 9:15am
Please Do Not Open Service Tickets For This Issue

As always, if you have any additional questions; concerns or information regarding the above, or any current events or outages, please do not hesitate to contact the Webministry.

In Service to the Kingdom,

The Webministry

East Kingdom