Policies Updates 03/08/2015 – 10/28/2015 Addendum

10/28/2015 – J. 1. b) (1)  and J. 1. b) (2)  have been updated with additional wording to clear up some confusion that has been uncovered as this has been in practice. Thank you for your understanding.
There has been a lot of misunderstanding regarding the use of Social Media sites and how to handle the distribution of Official statements from a recognized Local branch or Office for the East Kingdom.
In a nut shell, and simply put:
No Official publication from any entity that is recognized by the East Kingdom or Society can be posted initially or solely on a non-official website.
Links posted on Social Media sites back to the official document, webpage or announcement located on the East Kingdom sanctioned site are permissible and encouraged to further publicize the information.
I am adding into the Webminister Policies Handbook the following entry, which is an addendum to the current Handbook and effective immediately.
East Kingdom Webminister Policies v05012015 – 10282015 Addendum

J.                 Official Communications

1. Information is not considered Official unless posted on the sanctioned Local branch, Kingdom Office, or Kingdom Guild website.

a) Official information (on a site hosted by the East Kingdom server) may not be duplicated in another location.  Links to the Official information on the website may be posted to social media or other unofficial newsgroups directing readers to the website.

b) Event pages posted off of the East Kingdom Server must have a link back to the official announcement on the East Kingdom Calendar.

(1) If no Event entry on the East Kingdom Calendar, or on the sanctioned Local branch, Kingdom Office, or Kingdom Guild website exists, the event does not carry SCA Sanction and is not protected by SCA insurance.

(2) Social Media Event pages may contain and/or display more information than the official Event entry on the East Kingdom Calendar. The East Kingdom Calendar is designed to host the most pertinent of information. Verbose details may be hosted elsewhere, as long as there is a link to the official Calendar entry, and the outside webpage or website is linked to from the official Calendar entry.

(3) Local practices, meetings and demonstrations do not have to be listed on the East Kingdom Event Calendar to be official. They remain listed on the Local branch official website to be sanctioned.

2. No Warranted Webminister is required to take on the responsibility for any Social Media site.

a) The only official entity that the Warranted Webminister must administer is the official Local branch, Kingdom Office or Kingdom Guild website that they are assigned to.

b) The Local branch, Kingdom Officer or Guild Head cannot force a Webminister to take a social media site under their control.

c) If a posting is not hosted on the East Kingdom Server, it is intrinsically Unofficial.

3) Supporting Documents for this Policy:

a) In the Society Webminister Handbook the following can be found:

(1) http://www.sca.org/officers/webminister/WebministerHandbook.pdf

G. Additional Policies

1. Electronic Mailing Lists

(2) Please note that the East Kingdom server supports and offers official email mailing lists.

b) Under EK Law:(1) http://seneschal.eastkingdom.org/docs/EKLAW.pdf

Section X. Rights of Subjects

Expectation of Confidentiality

c) Under Society Seneschal Handbook:

1) http://socsen.sca.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Seneschals-Handbook-041214.pdf



7. No messages posted to social media sites, general email lists, or other public electronic forums can be considered official communications.


1. For a digital site to be recognized by the SCA, it must represent an established branch of the Society and must have a warranted web minister responsible for its content.

7. See the Corporate Social Media Policy for more details.

d) Social Media Policy:

1) http://sca.org/docs/pdf/SCASocialMediaPolicy.pdf

2. Core Principles of the Social Media Policy

e) Social media is not an approved method of distributing official information. However, groups may redistribute information already disseminated according to other applicable policies.

5) Conduct in the Social Media Sphere

c. Society and Branch Officers

(a) Society officers shall recognize that social media is a public forum, but not a venue for official announcements or policy statements as required by Governing Documents and Officer policies.

(b) not be used to announce or communicate official policy or statements that have not otherwise been announced or publicized through required official channels (publication for event status, official sanction, changes to Kingdom Law, etc)

The East Kingdom of the SCA, Inc.