Kingdom Officer Email Box Transition

Greetings my fellow East Kingdom Officer!

As you may have heard, the current email forwarding system is being replaced by a full email box service hosted on the East Kingdom Server for all Officer communications.

Who is affected?
– Every East Kingdom Officer. Each office will have a corresponding email box for the office to be used for official communications for the Kingdom and Society. No other email will be considered official for the Office going forward.

What does this mean for you?
– You will not be able to receive the East Kingdom Officer emails in your personal inbox once the forward is transitioned to the full email box.

Where is this taking place?
– Throughout the Kingdom. Every Kingdom Office, Local branch and Royal Guild who have documented Officers are being affected by this change.

When is this transition taking place?
– Right now. You are receiving this email because your previous email forward has been transitioned to a full email box hosted on the East Kingdom server. Your login credentials and directions on how to access the new email box are contained in this email below.

Why is this happening?
– There are multiple reasons for this transition. One is Kingdom ‘branding’, in that all emails sent and received are of a uniform email address. Another is for historical reference, as Offices change hands the emails will be available for review by the new Officer without complicated transfers of multiple emails from personal email to personal email (if they are ever transferred at all). Yet another is so that if there is ever a requirement to be able to access these records, they are not being stored on a 3rd party/non-Kingdom platform which would require more work to recover.

How did this migration come about?
– As a request from the Kingdom Seneschal, the Webminister Core Team researched the best way to implement this change, prepare the East Kingdom server to host the email service and test the performance before approving the migration to be rolled out to the Officers in the Kingdom. This was months of reviewing all options, testing and retesting the best way to go about adding this Kingdom-wide service, and then finally, migrating everyone to the new way of communicating for the Kingdom.

How To Access Your New Email Box

1. Point your browser of choice to
2. Use your “Officer Email Address” (Listed Above) as the login name.
3. Enter your supplied password.

You will want to update your Mail box name from the default entry to “East Kingdom [Your Office Title]”.
After you login, choose Settings (Upper Right Hand Corner), then Identities (Left Column, Third Choice Down), then click on the Default Identity (Under the Identities Column next over) and then fill in the “Display Name”. You can also fill out your Signature there.

To change your password, choose Settings, then Password in the Left Column. Enter the supplied password, then create your own.

If you are using another email service provider (Yahoo!, Hotmail, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc) for your personal email and want to forward the emails to the Official email address of your office, please open up a Help Desk ticket with the service provider information, and we will look into a way to migrate the emails.

The East Kingdom of the SCA, Inc.