New Web Minister Documentation

Are you a new branch or office web minister?  Welcome!  We’re happy to have you.  We’ve provided documentation on our standard WordPress platform along with some additional resources for standard plugins and accessibility standards.

Please review these documents as they cover a broad variety of topics guiding you through establishing your website.

EK Website Docs – guide to establishing your WordPress website, choosing a theme, and setting up a structure and content.

Appendix A – a quick list of recommended WordPress plugins.

Appendix B- Accessibility Guidelines – a guide for ensuring your site meets critical accessibility standards.

These documents should help you get started on developing your branch or office website.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Webministry staff, either by joining the WM-STAFF mailing list or joining our Slack channel.

We’d like to thank our very own Lady Sisuile Butler for putting this documentation together.

The East Kingdom of the SCA, Inc.