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Happy New Year!

May 2016


I.    East Kingdom Offices
II.   Crown Principality of Tir Mara
III.   Northern Region
IV.  Central Region
V.   Southern Region
VI.  Current and Upcoming Services & Projects
VII.  In Case You Missed It
VIII. Give Us Your Feedback


Quick Snapshot: Today’s Newsletter

New Format. I am trying a new way to disseminate important information to All Webministers and Webministers-At-Large, with the hope that this format is easier to navigate and process.

New Year. The Society is now in A.S. LI (51). Perfect time to check your Copyright year for your disclaimer information as well. 2016 should be displayed, not any
prior year.

Webminister vs Webminister-At-Large (WAL). In order to clarify any possible confusion these two terms may generate, the easiest way to explain the difference is that a “Webminister” is the person assigned to their Local branch website, while a “Webminister-At-Large” is a person assigned a website where they do not live within the borders of the Local branch, or the website is for a Royal Guild or Kingdom Office.

Any Warranted member of this Office may request up to 4 websites to support, and a “Webminister” may also be a “Webminister-At-Large” concurrently.

East Kingdom Officer Emails. The East Kingdom is now hosting all Officer Emails in-house as full email boxes. Email forwarding, and the complications stemming from that system are a thing of the past. All Kingdom Offices are fully migrated. Many Local Branches are still in the process of migrating over from email forwards, pending an Email Policy from the Office of the Seneschal.

Help Desk as a Kingdom-Wide Service. The East Kingdom Help Desk, located at is available for the entire populace of the East Kingdom. Every Warranted Webminister and Webminister-At-Large has a login to the system at by using your modern “first initial + last name” (ex. John Smith is “jsmith”) and the password “changeme1” for your initial login.

All Local Branch and Kingdom Office Help Desk tickets will be assigned to the Local Branch Webminister or Office WAL for review and resolution.

Webminister Warrants. The Office of the Webminister performs a yearly Warrant Renewal in order to keep the security of the East Kingdom Server up to date. Regardless of when a Webminister or Webminister-At-Large fills out a
Warrant form throughout the year, the Warrant expires on 12/31 of the same year.

To limit the redundancy of this process, the regular Warrant form is made unavailable from 11/15 of the year until 2/15 of the following year. During that time the Year End Warrant form is made available so that ALL Officers can review their year and reply with the form accordingly, within the window of opportunity.

Those Officers who do not advise the Kingdom Webminister that they are not
renewing their Warrant are Suspended and then become Revoked if they do not renew their Warrant, being removed from access to the East Kingdom server. Those Officers who do advise the Kingdom Webminister that they are not renewing their Warrant are listed as Retired and designated appropriately in the Office files.

The difference to these situations is that the Retired Officer may return to service at any time upon request and approval, while the Revoked Officer must provide an explanation as to why they did not contact the Kingdom Officer and may not be given a new Warrant for service.

I. East Kingdom Offices

This section covers every current Kingdom Office and any impacting actions performed by the Offices to the Webministry, and from the Webministry to the rest of the Officers within the Kingdom.

Please check the following information for accuracy.

Communication between the Offices has not been as fluid as it could be, so some of this information may be out of date. If you see a discrepancy, please let me know and I will have it updated.

In future issues, only the Offices that have updated information or needs will be listed.

State of the Offices. There are currently 27 separate Offices in the Kingdom, including Deputies that have their own websites. The structure of the Office of the Webminister does not have a specific Deputy for these groups, so they all report directly to the Kingdom Webminister.

There are 22 Kingdom Offices that have a Warranted Webminister-At-Large. There are 5
that currently do not
. If anyone is interested in supporting these vacant websites, please see and follow the details below and contact the WAL Coordinator.

Office of the Minister of Arts & Science

VACANTOffice of the Minister of Arts & Science Webminister –
Please email the Minister of Arts & Science, the WAL Coordinator, and myself if you are interested in taking up this website.

East Kingdom University Webminister – Arnora Kettilsdottir,
VACANTArs Scientia Orientalis Editor –

The Ars Scientia Orientalis publication is currently suspended. Please contact the Minister of Arts & Science for any further information regarding this topic.

Office of the Brigantia Principal Herald

Standard Herald (Website Deputy) – Lord Martyn de Halliwell,
Office of the Elmet Herald Webminister – Lord Martyn de Halliwell,
Office of the Blue Tyger Herald Webminister – Lord Yehuda ben Moshe,
Online Polling Deputy – Queen Avelina Keyes,

Order of Precedence Webminister Deputy – Master Rowen Cloteworthy,

The Award Reccomendation Form has been updated to include the new Orders created and the  new Local branches throughout the Kingdom.

The Order of Precedence website now resides on the East Kingdom Server!

Office of the Chancellor Minor

Office of the Chancellor of Minors Webminister – Baroness Aneleda

No updates at this time.

Office of the Chatelaine

Office of the Chatelaine Webminister – Lord Markus der Jäger,

No updates at this time.

Office of the Chronicler

Office of the Chronicler Webminister – Mistress A’isha bint Jamil,

Mistress A’isha bint Jamil stepped down as East Kingdom Chronicler in April. I believe that this position will also be VACANT at that time. Is anyone interested in taking up this website for support?

Office of the Earl Marshal

This Office has multiple other Offices under its umbrella.

VACANT, Office of the Earl Marshal Webminister –
Office of the Captain-General of the Archers Webminister – Mistress Ygraine of Kellswood,
VACANTOffice of the Combat Archery Marshal
Office of the Marshal of Equestrian Activities Webminister – Baroness Doucette de Verdun,
Office of the Siege Marshal Webminister – Alaxandr an Chobhlaigh mac Lochloinn,
Office of the Marshal of Thrown Weapons Webminister – Baron Cristoff Gockerhan von Loch,
Office of the Youth Fighter Program Webminister – Alaxandr an Chobhlaigh mac Lochloinn,
VACANTOffice of the Scout Commander Webminister –

No updates at this time.

Office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Webminister – Mari Clock van Hoorne,
Office of the Chamberlain Webminister – Lord Cristoff Gockerhan von Loch “Clockwork”,

There is a pending Policy with this Office in order to assist with the ownership of “Vanity” website names. Once the Office of the Exchequer approves this policy, we will be able to handle all outstanding websites that are not hosted on the East Kingdom Server and their requirements to be sanctioned.

Office of the Minister of the Lists

Office of the Minister of the Lists Webminister – Mylisant Grey,

No updates at this time.

Office of the Seneschal

Office of the Seneschal Webminister – Mistress Jessa d’Avondale,
Office of the Accessibility Porter Webminister – Gerhard Kurz Staple,

There is a pending Policy with this Office about the East Kingdom Officer Emails. Once
the Office of the Seneschal approves this policy, we will be able to delineate which Officers are required to have email boxes, and who is responsible for verifying this service is being used.

The Office of the Accessibility Porter emails have changed! Please update your records to reflect the new standard porter email addresses.

Office of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet

Office of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet Webminister – Mari Clock van Hoorne,

Kingdom Scribal Gallery.
The server was just recently updated to the latest version. The program is available to host all of the Scrolls being awarded per Reign.

Office of the Webminister

Webminister – Lord Lorenz Greylever,
VACANTDeputy Webminister –
Minister of Æther (Sr. Server Administrator) – Lady Æsa Sturludottir,
Deputy Minister of Æther (Sr. Server Administrator – Special Projects) – Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid,
Online Polling Deputy – Princess Avelina Keyes,
Order of Precedence Webminister Deputy – Master Rowen Cloteworthy,
Calendar Deputy (Former Ginger Admin) – THL Joel of Vestfell,
Social Media Deputy – Teresa Giani,
VACANTTir Mara Crown Principality Deputy –
French Language Translator Deputy – Sophie Larocque,
Webminister-At-Large Coordinator Deputy – Lord Markus der Jäger,
Website Quality & Usability Deputy (Former UI Auditor) – Madame Perronnelle de Croy,

Other Kingdom Officers

The Royals will also be listed here, so that any impacting actions made can be reviewed and acted upon appropriately.

Their Majesties and Their Highnesses

The Royal Progress List is available to the sitting Royals and Their Heirs to update directly, or through an assigned member of Their Court.

For reference, this website is
located at

The Polling Orders Administration

Order of the Chivalry Administrator – Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke,
Order of the Laurel Administrator – Duchess Katherine Stanhope,
Order of the Pelican Administrator – Master Lyle fitz William,
Order of the Rose Administrator – Duchess Christence von Heisler,
Order of the Silver Crescent Administrator – Master Lyle fitz William,
Order of the Maunche Administrator – Duchess Katherine Stanhope,
Order of the Tygers Combatant Administrator – Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke,
Order of the Sagittarius Administrator – Master Kieran Bren of Bannockburn,
Order of the Golden Rapier Administrator – Dueña Mercedes Vera de Calafia,
Order of the Masters of Defense Administrator – Master Donovan Shinnock,
VACANTOrder of the Golden Lance

If you know a Companion of the Golden Lance that would like to be the Administrator, please have them email me directly in regards to getting set up with access to the service.

Upcoming Events Hosting Webminister Round Tables

is a Webminister Round Table?

A Webminister Round Table (or Webministry Hour), is a forum where I host
a gathering that is Open To All regarding the Office of the Webminister. I usually discuss the state of the Office, the recent activities of the Webministry, and what is planned for the near future. Then if there is time I hold a Question and Answer time where I field as many inquiries as possible.

This is part of the communication out reach and open door policy that I fully endorse. The more information is out in the hands of those who matter, the easier it
will be for the Webministers of the East to perform their duties.

II. Crown Principality of Tir Mara

Tir Mara Coat of Arms

Translation Services for the Webministry.
In an attempt to expand the communications of the Kingdom, and as many in the Region of Tir Mara are not native English speakers, I have a volunteer who is willing to perform translations for me when policies
and important information needs to be sent to all Webministers.

As reports from this office become ever more routine, the translation of content is of increasing concern to this Office.


State of the Region. Tir Mara currently does not have a Regional Deputy for the Office of the Webminister. There is a volunteer for the Website, however they do not wish to be the Point of Contact (PoC) for the Local branches within the Region. Anyone interested in becoming the Regional Deputy, please contact me immediately.

Shire of Ar n-Eilean-ne – Newfoundland
Shire of Avonmore – New Brunswick, Canada
Shire of Bois Ardent – Mauricie, PQ
Barony of Havre des Glaces – NE Quebec Province
Canton of ArtigusBarony of L’ile du Dragon Dormant – Montreal, QE
Shire of La Selve d’Aure – North Quebec
Shire of Le Dragonet – St. Jean sur Richelieu, PQ
Shire of Lyndhaven – New Brunswick
Barony of Ruantallan – NS & PEI, Canada
Canton of Distant Shore – NS, Canada
Canton of Seashire – Halifax, NS
Canton of Ynys Y Gwaed – PEI, Canada

There are 8 Local branches in Tir Mara that have Warranted Webministers. There are 5 that currently do not.

III. Northern Region

VACANT, Shire of Coldwood – Plattsburgh, NY
Barony of Endewearde – Central and No. ME
Canton of Basingstokes (incipient) – Endewearde
Canton of Wyndriche – Central Maine
Shire of Glenn Linn – Warren-Washington Co., NY
Shire of Hadchester – Mid-coast Maine
VACANTProvince of Malagentia
Southern, ME
Riding of Giggleswick – Southern York County, Maine
Riding of Ravensbridge (incipient) – Malagentia
VACANTShire of Mountain Freehold – Vermont
Shire of Northern Outpost – Potsdam, NY
Shire of Panther Vale – No. Vermont
VACANTShire of Smithwick – Northern, ME
Barony of Stonemarche – New Hampshire State
VACANTCollege of Knottyng Cross (incipient) – Stonemarche

State of the Region. Today,
there are 15 separate groups in the Northern Region, including the
Cantons, Colleges and Ridings. The structure of the Office of the
Webminister does not have a Regional Deputy for these groups, so they
all report directly to me.

There are 10 Local branches in the Northern Region that have
Webministers. There are 5 that currently do not

IV. Central Region

Shire of Anglespur – Troy, NY
Barony of Bergental – Western, MA
Barony of Beyond the Mountain – North, East CT
VACANTCanton of Ravenhill – Northwest CT
Barony of Carolingia – Greater Boston, MA
Canton of Aschehyrst – Central MA
VACANTCanton of the Towers – Northeast MA
Shire of Coill Tuar – Southern Ulster Co., NY
VACANTBarony of Concordia of the Snows – Albany, NY
VACANTBarony of Dragonship Haven – Southwestern CT
VACANTShire of Frosted Hills – Dutchess Co., NY
Shire of Midland Vale – Sullivan and Orange Counties in New York
Shire of Nordenfjord (incipient) – Rockland County, NY
Shire of Nordenhalle – Kingston, NY
Shire of Quintavia – Worcester Co., MA
VACANTBarony of Smoking Rocks – Southeast MA
Barony of the Bridge – RI State

State of the Region. Today, there are 17 separate groups in the Central Region, including the Cantons. The structure of the Office of the Webminister does not have a Regional Deputy for these groups, so they all report directly to me.

There are 11 Local branches in the Central Region that have Warranted Webministers. There are 6 that currently do not.

V. Southern Region

Barony of An Dubhaigeainn – Suffolk Co, NY
Canton of Hawke’s Reache 
Shire of Archer’s Ford (incipient) –
Shire of Barren Sands – Atlantic, Cape May,Cumberland and Salem Co,NJ
Barony of Bhakail – Philadelphia, PA; Delaware and South Chester County, PA
Canton of Black Icorndall – Media, PA
Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust – University of PA
Shire of Blak Rose – Camp Hill and Harrisburg, PA
VACANTShire of Buckland Cross – S. Bucks Co., PA
Shire of Caer Adamant – State of Delaware
Barony of Carillion – Monmouth, Ocean, S.Middlesex Co., NJ
VACANTKeep by the Endless Sea – Bradley Beach, NJ
Canton of Forestgate – Mercer Co. NJ
Shire of Eisental – Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton & Reading, PA
Shire of Hartshorn-dale – Chester-Montgomery,PA
Barony of Iron Bog – Camden,Gloucester, S. Burlington, NJ
VACANTShire of Montevale – Fulton,Franklin,Cumberland, PA
VACANTCrown Province of Ostgardr – Greater NYC
Canton of Brokenbridge – Brooklyn, NY
Canton of Lions End – Nassau Co, NY
Canton of Northpass – Putman & Westchester, NY
VACANTCanton of Whyt Whey – Manhattan, NYC, NY
Shire of Owlsherst – York County, PA
VACANTShire of Rusted Woodlands – Rockland Co., NY, Bergen, Sussex & Passaic Co, NJ
VACANTBarony of Settmour Swamp – Somerset, Morris Co. NJ
VACANTCanton of Gryphonwald – Middlesex City, NJ
VACANTCanton of Marwick: inactive – Union County, NJ
Shire of Silver Rylle – Lancaster, Lebanon Co., PA

State of the Region. Currently, there are 28 separate groups in the Southern Region, including the Cantons, Keeps and Bailiwicks. The structure of the Office of the Webminister does not have a Regional Deputy for these groups, so they all report directly to me.

There are 19 Local branches in the Central Region that have Warranted Webministers. There are 9 that currently do not.

VI. Current and Upcoming Services & Projects

Linode, LLC. The current Hosting System for the East Kingdom Server. Linode is a privately owned virtual private server provider based in Galloway, New Jersey, Founded: 2003.

We successfully migrated from the previous service to this hosting company and are continually expanding upon the server, and the available services offered to the East Kingdom.

Mailman Email List Server.The East Kingdom Server is able to support email lists. These are officially sanctioned lists that are  available to replace those external Yahoo! Groups. Don’t want to lose your history from those groups? We can transfer the entries to the East Kingdom server.

Virtualmin/Webmin Access Portal. The East Kingdom Server allows every Warranted Webminister Administrative Access to their designated website, email and database for full control
of the core services offered to each Local branch, Kingdom Office and Royal Guild.

East Kingdom Help Desk. Our Help Desk is run through the osTicket program. The server has been recently upgraded to the 1.9.12 release, pending our upgrade of PHP to PHP 7.

All Webministers have access to this website to administer tickets that are assigned to them for their Local branch, Kingdom Office and Royal Guild.

East Kingdom Survey System. The Survey website is available for the entire East Kingdom to use for Reports, Questionnaires, Surveys and any other Forms that are needed for any Kingdom Office, Local branch or Royal Guild.

All Webministers can have access to this website to setup, offer and review all necessary items for their respective groups.

East Kingdom Email Service. The Email website is available for the East Kingdom to use for any Kingdom Office, Local branch or Royal Guild Officer.
All Local branch and Royal Guild Webministers have access to support email address and mailbox creation through the Virtualmin Portal. Kingdom Officer email boxes are supported by the Kingdom Webminister directly.

VII. In Case You Missed It

Recent Webminister Activity:

Webminister Roundtable at Birka. A January Meeting at Birka was held and
lasted almost a full 2 hours.

Migration from XEN to KVM for the Server. In the early morning of March 21st, 2016 (around 1 AM) the server was manually shut down and migrated to the new Virtualization Host KVM.

Webminister Slack Channel. In order to promote more open communication, there is an unmonitored channel that has been set up to get to know each other better. Please visit and follow the instructions to access it.

VIII. Please Give Me Your Feedback

The Office of the Webminister has an Open Door Policy. I want to hear your questions, suggestions and comments about everything going on. Simply send me an
email at:

I will endeavor to return a quick reply.


This information is from the East Kingdom Office of the Webminister, and may contain confidential Kingdom information. It may not be copied or distributed without permission.

Copyright © 2016 SCA, Inc.. All rights reserved.

East Kingdom Webminister: Signore Lorenz Greylever

If you have any questions about your Webminister Warrant, please contact me at


The East Kingdom of the SCA, Inc.