2/3/2017 East Kingdom Website Updates

  WEBMINISTER Notification
EK_Thumbtack_note_Important From: The Webministry


Unto the Webministers of the East Kingdom, Greetings.
This notification is being published to document the updates described below.
Tool/Service:  All East Kingdom Websites
 All East Kingdom Websites hosted on the East Kingdom Server.

All websites have been updated to allow https:// connections and should start to be the main address used for accessing the sites.

Why do we need HTTPS? In order to stay up to date with the current global standards and keep our server secure, this move is necessary to protect our data and access to our services.

If you do a search for https in your favorite search engine (like Google, for instance) you will find thousands of hits about what it is.

A decent site that discusses what it is and why we should have it can be found here:



There should be no impact regarding this update for the use of your websites. The implementation has been setup to allow both http:// and https:// connections to them.

However, when you use the Virtualmin login at https://[localbranch].eastkingdom.org:10000 you may get a NOT SECURE message. For example:

Please know that the service is secure. But, if you are still wary of this warning, you should use the updated main Virtualmin login site found at:

https://host.eastkingdom.org:10000 with your normal login credentials. DO NOT REPLACE ‘host’ with anything, this is the correct link.

You will not see the Not Secure warning.

Going forward, this will be the preferred and recommended way to access your Virtualmin Portal.

 Severity: HIGH
There should be minimum impact with this change. Only people affected will be the Webministers attempting to access the Virtualmin portal.

Nothing is broken or missing.

The ‘fix’ is to update your favorites and clear your browser history to gain the updated links.

As always, if you have any additional questions; concerns or information regarding the above, or any current events or outages, please do not hesitate to contact the Webministry.

In Service to the Kingdom,

The Webministry