9/20/16 – Planned Maintenance

East Kingdom Informational Notification

The East Kingdom Server will undergo a planned upgrade during the late evening of Tuesday, 10/4/2016.

We will be upgrading the server to PHP version 5.6.x from our current level. This is required to keep the security of our available resources and continue to offer a solid end user experience.

Time Frame 10:00pm-1:30am Eastern Time

This is expected to run for 144 minutes. (I am giving it extra time in case anything happens and a recover is required.)

During this time frame some East Kingdom services may be unavailable to the populace.

Tools that backbone or pull from the server will also be affected (IE: Email, Help Desk, List Server, etc).

Frequently asked questions about this update:

is this?

Most improvements in PHP 5.6.x have no impact on existing code.

What are the differences?
  • There will be some backward incompatible changes
  • New features
  • Deprecated features in PHP 5.6.x
  • Changed functions
  • New functions
  • OpenSSL changes in PHP 5.6.x
  • Other changes to extensions
  • New global constants
this break stuff?

Only if current code is written in a way to affect the backward incompatible changes, the deprecated features, or the listed changes to other functions and extensions.

If you are concerned that your code may be affected by this upgrade, please take a look at the PHP migration website at http://php.net/migration56 and contact the Webministry before the proposed date above.

How it works 1. The PHP migration is performed on the server.
You may experience downtime while the server is migrated. We estimate 144 minutes to migrate the code, but that may vary based on host and network load.

2. Enjoyment.
After the migration completes, all services should be running on the PHP 5.6.x backbone.

Thanks & Have a nice day!

Signore Lorenz Greylever

East Kingdom Webministery