Transitioning Officers

Below are the steps that you, as a Webminister, should take to assist in the transitioning of Officers for branches (or other sites) you are responsible for. As always, please contact if you need assistance.

  1. Confirm with the local Seneschal (or other supervising Officer) that the Office appointment/transition is valid.
  2. Ensure that the new Officer has a ‘’ account. You can check that by having them email you from it, by checking the Google Directory for, or through FusionDirectory. If they do not have an account, please direct them to create one via the Self Service Account Portal.
    • Note: New email users should be directed to our main Kingdom Email page for various help documents on how to use their new account.
  3. Follow the directions in Managing Officer Email to assign your Officer to the appropriate Office(s). That same document includes instructions for creating new Offices.
  4. If the Office oversees any Mailing Lists, the directions in Managing Mailing Lists explain how to manage Google Group/List ownership. This document should also be shared with the new Officer so that they are familiar with managing their lists on a day-to-day basis.
  5. Follow the directions in East Kingdom Email Handoff to copy the actual email messages associated with the Office from the old Officer to the new one. This might get skipped in some cases, such as when you are creating a new Office. This step requires the involvement of the incoming Officer, as well as either the outgoing Officer or the local Seneschal (or other supervising Officer).