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It is my hope to update this site regularly with information of benefit to  the  Webministers and the Populace of the East Kingdom.

The Webministry has always had an “OPEN DOOR” policy. If  you have questions, suggestions or contributions, please feel free to open up a ticket at our East Kingdom Help Desk or send them via email to

The Ætheral Realms of the East Kingdom can only get better with your input.

The key to success is fostering and growing a team environment with all the Webministers of the East, so please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or thoughts you might have. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please consider visiting our FAQ section, in which I make an effort to answer some Frequently  Asked Questions and provide regular information on changes or updates. Again, I will strive to keep this section updated regularly as things change, new inquiries arise, and new ideas are brought forth!

In Service to the East Kingdom,
– Signore Lorenz Greylever *.:

blank h_whatsnew_new in November 2016

The Email Box Conversion Project is in full swing. All Kingdom Officer emails have been converted to Email Boxes. Local branch, and Royal Guild Webministers are in the process of transferring the email forwards to Email Boxes.

How To documents can be found in the East Kingdom Help Desk  Knowledgebase.

Currently there is no Policy regarding the mailbox creation. It is a request from the Office of the Seneschal that all Kingdom Officers do not use email forwards to their personal email addresses for Society and Kingdom correspondence.

To access the new East Kingdom email, please go to and login with the email address of your Office and use the supplied password.  You can always change the password once logged in.

If you need assistance, please contact your Local branch / Royal Guild Webminister or open a Help Desk ticket with the request being your Local branch or Royal Guild name fromt he drop down listing.

There is IMAP access available for the Email Service. Directions are found in the East Kingdom Help Desk Knowledgebase.

This service is only for current East Kingdom Officers.

Upcoming Webminster Round Tables / Webministry Hours:

None at this time.

I plan to be at the following events with no currently scheduled Webminister Round Tables (Subject to change after approval from the Event Steward):

These meetings are open to ALL MEMBERS OF THE KINGDOM. They are part of the Office of the Webminister Outreach Program to offer the knowledge of what the Office does for the Kingdom, and how to participate in the services now being offered to all members of the Populace.

The more that we can empower the Kingdom with needed access to reliable services from this Office, the better the experience will be for every member, be they “Newcomer” or “Old-timer”.

Ongoing Projects

Welcome to the middle of the 4th Quarter of 2016, and the  end of the 2nd Quarter of Anno Societatis LI (51).

(It is difficult to address future plans in either just Society dates or only modern dates, without confusing someone.)

A reminder to please use the East Kingdom Help Desk for all your requests of the Office of the Webminister.

The issue with links being marked as untrusted should be a thing of the past. The East Kingdom now has an up-to-date SSL Certificate that is registered until 2018. If you see any warnings come up on your browsing please check your security settings on your browser and submit a help desk ticket with the website information so that we can look into it.

The Calendar Update Project is ongoing as we work towards a new system. There was a poll sent out on 4/27/16 for Kingdom-wide feedback regarding this, so contact your Local Webminister for details!

The Kingdom Email List Project is in full swing. The East Kingdom server is using the GNU Mailman Listserv server to support the needs of the Kingdom. The Kingdom level ones can be found at with more being added as more Offices migrate from services like Yahoo! Groups. If you are not receiving the emails, your email provider may be blocking them as the East Kingdom server is not showing any errors at this time. Please check your SPAM folder or WHITELIST the * address to receive them.

There is an UPDATED public Knowledgebase for the East Kingdom regarding the Office of the Webminister available at covering many aspects of the Office. If you do not see your question answered, please submit a request.

The Reports Website is available for all Kingdom Offices, Local branches and Royal Guilds. If your Webminister does not have access to this site to make your forms, reports, questionnaires and surveys, please ask them to request the access.

The East Kingdom website now has:

Additional Projects coming up through the 3rd and 4th Quarters of CE 2016 are the following:

The Website Ownership Project will be starting shortly.  All ‘vanity’ website addresses that refer to an official East Kingdom website will be reviewed and transferred to local Society ownership.

I am looking into a Document Repository and Management system for the Kingdom. This will be to replace 3rd party services like gDocs, Dropbox and similar systems. If you are familiar with any systems that can be hosted on the East Kingdom server, please let me know.

The ‘Getting Involved – Local Groups’ link on the East Kingdom website will be updated to have a search function and possibly an interactive map to find your Local branch easier.

This website is being reviewed as to how to make it multilingual to be able to support the entire Kingdom, including those groups that speak French. If anyone is familiar with a WordPress plugin that could be used for this purpose, please contact me.

All websites  can now be accessed by their normal addresses. Reminder: The * was a temporary web address and has been completely phased out at this time. Please only reference the official *branch* website addresses going forward.

Some websites are still in need of assistance from their local Webminister to be brought up to date. If you discover a website that is not functioning properly, please bring it to the attention of the local Webminister, or open a ticket on the East Kingdom Help Desk website and we will look into it.

The East Kingdom website is partially functional with missing access to the ADA and Mobile versions. I am working on a new website that will incorporate both versions within the same site. Until then, I apologize for the limited access of the site.

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