The Webministry

Welcome to the official website of the Office of the Webministry for the Kingdom of the East!

Our goal is to help local Webministers, Kingdom officers and others to easily be able to have a presence online, with any tools, services and support provided, where possible.

Watch this site or any other official medium for updates in the coming days and weeks. If you’re interested in helping out at all, please reach out to Mael Eoin.

Current Projects

  • Google for Non Profits
    • GMail for an improved email experience
    • Google Drive (Google Docs, Sheets, etc.) for secure and easy document sharing/editing/etc.
  • Education and support
    • How to make an EK wiki page
    • WordPress tutorials for webministers and contributors
    • Google for Non Profits
  • East Kingdom Website refresh
    • Ensuring pages are current and actively maintained
    • Migration to WordPress for easier administration and increased accessibility features


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