Holding an Online Event

If you’d like to have an Ethereal (online) Event, that’s great!  We’re here to help facilitate.  

Official vs. Unofficial Events

The first major question: will your event be official or unofficial?

Official events are, in many ways, similar to regular SCA events.  

Unofficial events are just a private citizen doing a thing that happens to be SCA-adjacent.  These events should not be represented or tagged as SCA, East Kingdom, or any EK branch or office; and East Kingdom resources should not be used for them.  

This page is targeted towards holding an official event (though it may also help you with your unofficial event!). 

OK, I’m going to have an Official Ethereal East Kingdom Event.  What do I do?

First, plan it out.

The Recording Question

Do you intend your event to be recorded? (Classes and courts are good candidates for recording; business meetings are not – we suggest taking minutes/notes per usual.)  If you do plan to record:

Publicize your event!

Again, this is not much different from publicizing a regular event:

Holding Your Ethereal Event

Some things to remember:

Posting a Recorded Event