Holding Video Meetings

If you have an East Kingdom account, you can create a video conference using Google “Meet”.  Some groups use this for their regular business meetings (especially in bad weather); some offices use it so that deputies throughout the kingdom can catch up regularly; and lots of citizens have used it for webinars and instructional purposes. Here’s how you can do it, too!

  1. Log into your EK account.
  2. Go to your Calendar.
  3. Create an event for your meeting/session/webinar.
  4. Click on “Add Google Meet video conferencing”. Google will generate a Hangouts Meet link and attach it to your event.
  5. Save the event.

Anyone you invite to the event will see the Meet link in the calendar invite.  You can, of course, also copy & paste the link and send it to others. They do not have to have East Kingdom accounts to attend the meeting (but the Meet must be created by someone with an EK account). We strongly recommend that you do not post the link on a public web site.

Some things to know regarding the East Kingdom service tier:

  • The maximum number of attendees is 100.
  • We do not have the option to record Google Meet sessions.
  • People can dial in by regular phone; they do not have to use a computer / smart device.  The phone number & PIN are shown on the web page for the video conference.  

For further details and information, please see the G Suite help page for Meet.