Web Development Resources

Below are a few sites you might find helpful. If you are a Webminister of the East Kingdom and would like to contribute a web design and/or development resource of your own, please email me at webminister@eastkingdom.org or submit a ticket in the Help Desk.

Page Tutor
A step by step lesson plan through coding a basic website from scratch using notepad.

Web Alley
Excellent HTML tutorials and web design guides. Templates to help beginners writing their first basic homepage. Tips on how to use graphics on your website. Tutorials to teach you everyting you need to know to create and publish your first website. Online home page wizard, online search engine submission.

Stimulation for <head> and <body>. A great place to ask questions and learn tips and tricks. Lots of info here to explore.

Not exactly a development resource, this site has been added because if you visit the “Patterns” section, you will find over 150 pre-prepared tileable background images available for use on your websites!

Big Webmaster Resources
A large directory of cgi scripts, programs, tutorials, books and other webmaster resources including ASP, C, C++, CFML, Flash, ActionScript, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Unix Shell, Visual Basic, and XML.

Online Survey and Polling
We host our own online surveys. If you would like to have access to this system to build and use your own Reports/Forms/Surveys?etc. Please open up a Help Desk request.