For Webministers

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What does a Webminister do?

A branch webminister is responsible for maintenance and updating of their branch’s website; and the management of, and support for, their branch’s East Kingdom email addresses (which includes officer aliases, as well as any official branch mailing lists).

Practically speaking, this means:

  • Running software updates and patches on your branch website. (For most EK sites, this is done through WordPress and is really easy!  You don’t have to be a tech guru.)
  • Ensuring that your branch website has up-to-date content.  (This could be done by the webminister alone, or could be work shared with the seneschal, chronicler, chatelaine, or other appropriate officers.)
  • Ensuring that your branch website stays in conformance with East Kingdom and Society Webminister policies – for instance, making sure that any content (e.g., people’s photos) that appears on the branch website has the appropriate release forms on file.
  • Managing transition of officer email aliases as the branch’s officers change. 
  • Helping members of your branch with using their East Kingdom accounts.  (But you aren’t solely responsible – if you find a problem is beyond what you can assist with, that’s what the EK Help Desk is for.)
  • Staying in communication with the Kingdom Webministry, to keep aware of ethereal matters that may affect your populace.
  • And, as with every officer role, keeping your warrant current and your reports flowing on the regular schedule.

(Kingdom Office or Royal Guild webministers have the same responsibilities, but towards their office/guild rather than a branch, of course.)

Depending on how your specific group has evolved the role, you may also be involved in helping manage, or advise on, other areas such as social media, online calendaring, online meetings, and so forth. 

If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the East Kingdom Help Desk, or the Webministry at large.