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Now for some more meaty content – the “how” to last email’s “what”. As Joel has already linked to the list, this page contains all of the documentation that we’ve prepared and collected for everyone:

Of those links, the most prominent (“Accessing Your East Kingdom Kingdom Mail”) should contain all the information necessary for any user to get into their new email account. Many users – far too many – have not ever logged in to check their email after the move. That’s why we felt the need for clarification in the prior email, as well as this additional documentation. I don’t want to embarass anyone by name, but there are 8 local Webministers that have been migrated to Google For Nonprofits that have never logged in to check their new Gmail since they’ve been migrated. If you’re having problems, and the doc isn’t helping you, please speak up.

The various other links on the page detail how you can manage email accounts and mailing lists – all local Webministers should have the appropriate rights in the FusionDirectory portal to do these things for their branch, but if you do not, please contact so that we can get you sorted out. Likewise for the Webministers working for the various Kingdom Officers.

There is another link I want to share that are not linked directly from the collected documents page – The East Kingdom Mail Tools portal has a couple of things needed for dealing with Officer Handoff, but I’m linking it here because of the “Branch/Dept Review” option that you have. Here you can get a top-down view of all of the email addresses and users tied to your branch(es), as well as their last login times. It should be particularly useful for troubleshooting email receipt issues, as well as figuring out who is (and is not) logging in to their email and might need some gentle prodding or direct assistance.

Finally, if anything we’re saying is unclear, or if you need any help whatsoever, please reach out. We’re here to help make this easier, not harder.


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