Changing Office Holders in FusionDirectory

When you have an Officer changeover, you will need to alter the members of that Office in FusionDirectory. This will update all of the appropriate settings in GfNP as well.

This document only covers changing officers for an existing office; if you need to create a new office from scratch see the “Creating A New Office Email Address” document.

Sign In to FusionDirectory

In order to follow the steps laid out here, you will need to log in to East Kingdom’s FusionDirectory portal, located here:

To sign in, use your SCA member number and your East Kingdom password.

Select An Office

Then open up the Office you’d like to affect.

First click “Groups and roles”:

On the next screen, select the office you want to edit.

If you have access to multiple domains, such as a local branch and a kingdom office, you may need to use the “Base” menu at the top to select the relevant area.

After you have selected an office to edit, you’ll see a screen that looks like the below:

Remove Old Officers

You will see the current (“old”) Officer in the “Member objects” section. To remove an old Officer from the Office, simply click their name in the list, then click the “Delete” button. If you need to remove multiple people, either repeat this process, or use CTRL+click to select multiple people.

Add New Officers

To add a new Officer to the group, click the “Add” button in the ‘Member objects’ section.

Once you do, you will be presented with a lot of information, and it will probably seem pretty overwhelming if you’re not familiar with systems like FusionDirectory. Don’t Panic – we’re about to show you how to make it much easier to digest, but it will take a couple of steps to get there.

The screen you are now on is the “Object Selection Screen”. Click on the “Base” area above the object list and select / [Root], or click the icon that looks like a house in that area – this will allow us to get to the overall list of users in the East Kingdom.

Here’s what the screen might look like, along with a circle around the area that is about to become your best friend – the filter.

In the “Filter” area, click the final check box, marked “Search in subtrees”. This will reload the page without the list of Branches and Departments at the top. Then, search for the user you would like to add to this Office by typing a name (full or partial) or a member number into the search area directly under that “Search in subtrees” checkbox. Finally, hit the Enter key or press the “Apply filter” button to search on the string you entered. Notice that you get a much shorter list of responses here.

Once you have found the person you are looking for, click on their name, which will add them to the list of Member objects.

If you need to add more than one person to this group (for whatever reason), click on the “Add” button again, which will take you back to your (pre-filtered) user list and repeat the process you just performed.

Saving Your Changes

When you are ready to save this step, click the OK button at the bottom right of your screen.

Important note: Due to a bug in the FusionDirectory software, we cannot support “groups of groups” at this time. What this means is that you cannot add one Officer “group” to another group. If you attempt to do this, things will definitely break for the new group. If you run into a problem with this bug, please contact the Kingdom Webministry immediately.